Explanations, About, etc.

a brief intro

I’m Brandon W. Irvine, a guy living in Somerville, Mass., and I write everything on underplex.com unless stated otherwise. Contact me at this electronic address: my first name followed by an “a” with a little circle around it (you know the one I’m talking about) followed by the domain name of this site. Forgive the oblique reference, but I don’t want the creepy crawlies of the Internet to send me even more spam than I already get. However, I do want you to write to me about anything and everything related to the site, or even just your random thoughts or questions you might be nursing about the meaning of life or The Jeffersons.

ethics and editorial policy

I think we as Internet users do a poor job of taking responsibility for what happens on it, and I think it would be good if we upheld more standards. Here are the ones I try to impose on myself, with success 99% of the time:

  • In general, I don’t get paid to write about movies, movie production, or art, and certainly nothing you see here represents something someone paid me to write.
  • Any advertising you see in the form of banner ads embedded in the site is not chosen by me, so I really have no idea who is (incredibly indirectly if at all) giving me the pennies I get from those ads. Ergo, I don’t think I am influenced by their content.
  • I don’t go back, regret what I said, and just change it on the site. I do, however, make copy-editing changes, because it’s almost painful for me to see basic grammatical or spelling errors. If I do change anything substantive, I’ll use the cross-out styling to show you what it used to be so you can judge for yourself if I’m just wimping out.
  • If you feel like some visual content is yours and should be taken down, please do contact me (at the address mentioned in the brief intro section above). If it is art that I’ve put up under the creative commons license, I will take it down no questions asked; I don’t want to make you guys sad that you use creative commons licensing.
  • Generally, I really try to attribute everything I feel is not completely original with me to the source where I got it. If it isn’t attributed in some way (which ought to be clear from the text), I thought it up myself.
  • There are various movie-related sites around the Internet, and I have pitched myself or articles to them and have been rejected by some. I like to think that doesn’t reflect my view of their content, but maybe it does. You are forewarned. In particular, it’s hard for me to be objective about newenglandfilm.com or independent-magazine.org, or brattlefilm.org, because I’ve been involved with all of them in various ways. Listing other people I’ve never published with would be weird, unprofessional, and probably over-doing it, so I won’t.

{Last updated 17 September 2013}

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