crowd funding: how the cash was won

The Independent has just put up my piece on how to make the most of your crowd funding campaign. I learned a lot about the process in writing the piece. If you don’t understand crowd funding already, here’s the really short version: You go online and raise a bunch of small donations for your (hopefully) cool project. I saw a lot of things I would want to see made as I was browsing the crowd funding sites, so check them out.

two film festival previews at

This month, I’ve got two film festival previews at First, there’s my bit on theEuropean Short Film Festival. The narrative films I previewed for this were really impressive, and it made me a little sad how limited the range of conventional film is; there just aren’t that many experiments in Hollywood cinema. (I previewed an experimental one, too, but I personally love love love having a story to hang my hat on when I watch something, so I wasn’t as taken with it.)
Second, there’s a round-up of interviews I did with New England (“New English”?) directors who have films screening at the Independent Film Festival Boston at the end of April. It was especially fun talking to Benjamin Brewer, who wrote and directed Beneath Contempt, because he had a lot to say about the cinematography and was very specific about his cinematographic influences.