is george r.r. martin a warg? and does this excuse my fascination with jaime lannister?

Last week, as I was putting together my post on Game of Thrones, I watched nearly every GoT trailer in an effort to find one that made the TV show look good. But I just couldn’t find one I liked.

Maybe it was the music, or that one hammy line of Stannis Baratheon’s, but I think it was as simple as feeling as though the show had missed a certain something.

Reading the last three books of A Song of Ice and Fire, I have found myself surprisingly drawn in by almost every character, and I don’t think the show is going to do that. Sure, I like all the big plot twists and the battles and the feeling that history is writing itself in front of me, but the novels are compelling in large part because George R.R. Martin sits down and tells a bunch of smaller stories of people making their own way through the tumult. Even when his world is impossible to take in with a single gulp, he paints it through personal experiences.

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