the life aquatic‘s infantile director

I’m sorta-kinda taking this week off, but the Brattle Theatre is starting up a Wes Anderson retrospective this week and, obviously, we’ve got a new Anderson movie coming out, so now is maybe a good time to post a link to an old essay of mine about The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, wherein I argue that Wes Anderson might actually be a child, in the metaphorical sense. Super-long sentence over.

photo by Riccardo Cuppini via cc

photo by Riccardo Cuppini via cc

2 thoughts on “the life aquatic‘s infantile director

  1. This article seems very prescient… when you wrote it, did you know his next movie was going to be about actual 14-year-olds in love?

    • Well, that was in mind because I wrote in when the Brattle had a Wes Anderson week when Moonrise Kingdom came out, so that seemed logical enough. But his whole oeuvre has that “dollhouse” feel anyway, so just literally making the protagonists children seems like a logical step.

      Anderson is like Dylan for me: I feel like he can do no wrong, in a way that destroys my objectivity entirely when judging his movies. But, you know, I’m not that into objectivity anyway when it comes to “taste.”

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